Cancer Prostate check
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Let your doctor give you the finger.... PSA test DRE digital rectal exam

 Cancer can be cured in 93% in all cases... To buy a copy 

My Cancer Prostate check

I left with a smile on my face...... read on!


Welcome to my cancer page,  you are not alone and yet, you are, whether you suffer alone, or with friends

If you have cancer you need to do several things.    Change your diet, go organic in every way.

I know somebody who has stomach cancer has filtered water for showers and was given 6 months to live.  9 months later, and still  looking good, but still in pain ,but doing all the right things ,going organic, the tumour has not increased in size, the person concerned has just started on Graviola  to attack the cancerous growth,   

Talk to a  many people as you can there over 189,000,000 searches for cancer and everybody Knows someone who has it, unless you live in a Vacuum

  Cure prostate Cancer without Chemo  Chemo destroys the Immune system  with Impunity


Try  Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3.5 %



Under NO circumstances rely on your Doctor to Cure you.
It  must come from within yourself.

I heard a man say its impossible to be intelligent and smoke  cigarettes at the same time however  there is one exception, when you have been drinking all night in a bar and your then your stupid and smoke at the same time.

The more years you smoke the more chances  of getting of Cancer of the lung and emphysema.  

 To all those guys with Testicular cancer its happening to the very young, got a lump get it checked,  To maintain good health simly  comes down to Vitamins and minerals intake  and diet  I cannot express this enough.

As of today Pancreatic Cancer cannot be cured the last resort for you is Graviola.   
Grapefruit great cancer killer.
I have a friend with cancer of the mouth, oral cancer,

had his Jaw broken and  bone replaced, all the teeth removed  and is He still smoking, and  taking Radiation and  he Gave my Graviola a rest after one  week . He was the same guy that told me 1 year before his uncle smoked for 70 years and did not get cancer

When I heard he would rather smoke a Cigarette, than take a couple of Graviola  pills a day.I was dumfounded

My Cancer Prostate check... was this in my horoscope, as I am a Cancerian

To all guys this is not a "horroscope" excuse the pun .

I left with a smile on my face...... read on!

I too have had the Digit finger up  my rectum to check for Prostate cancer.

 Now to all those guys that are afraid of  the finger up the backside (DRE) for a "Digital rectal exam"  Prostate inspection  for  cancer. go and see the doctor it's Really is not that bad and your eyes don't water, the doctor can feel the prostate by inserting a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum. This  is a simple procedure. I left with a smile on my face, Why you may ask.... Peace of mind.

He will also so check and see if you have any rectal problems, to keep yourself  alive you will have to give up  some dignity.

Two  years later I went for a PSA  Blood test, The next step for me   because it  was High, was off to hospital after being asked to remove my clothes, I was cloaked in a hospital gown ( I left My socks on ) and  was ask to lay  on my side, a rod was place in my bum, then I believe  a gun was place inside the rod   by the Doctor and Fired about six times  by a nurse taking samples ( I call them Slivers) of my Prostate

like a small sting ( after the first sting I asked for a Bee keepers Hood LOL )   the Doctor's has you on  the Ultrasound so the rod is pointed in the right direction at all times. 

After the slivers taken from my prostate they were labeled  immediately, they were white and from the ultra sound inspection, I was informed that the  prostate was normal size.

To me and this is my opinion.   You are more of a man to accept the (DRE) Rectal Examination than to say staunchly, its not for me, because its not right to have things stuck  up my backside Well I am still a man!  AND  still alive !.

Repeat I left with a smile on my face.

Feel free to e mail me on this subject . 


Two weeks later I was diagnosed free of cancer. I left with a smile on my face.

Cancer Treatment for Cancer patients like Chemo, is devastating whether you Have, Liver  Cancer,  Bone cancer,  Kidney Cancer, every where in the body, as long as there is blood of some sort,  the chance of   cancer developing  is huge.  Cancers can spread to the Lymph nodes.  Experiencing blood in the Urine,  get a check for Bladder cancer, that leads me to the Gall bladder as well. Graviola

Brain Cancer tumour, there is a what the call the blood-brain barrier, Treating brain tumors is traditionally difficult, because of the blood-brain barrier, which prevents harmful substances from traveling through the bloodstream into the brain. In order for chemotherapy to treat a tumor, it must penetrate this barrier.

Cervical cancer,  ladies get this checked , a smear test every two years dependant on age,  is essential.

Men and women have all the same identical parts love your body and yourself.

I write this in the hope that I have made a helpful contribution to somebody's life.



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