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            Buying cheap Vitamins just does not cut it   see why - in depth comparisons

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 Vitamins and  Minerals go hand in hand with good Nutrition - Why Vitamin D


Vitamins General- Men's Women's Unisex Multi-extra

Are you tired run down or just feeling no energy,

it could be a lack of essential Vitamins and minerals and or a combination of both essential nutrients. The above Xtend life Vitamins will give you the right amounts of  Vitamin C, D A, B, E,

Most foods don't contain the correct levels of  Natural  Vitamin and Minerals for Health and wellness to retain cellular enrichment. To counteract this you need Vitamin and Mineral supplements which are a beneficial way to the living of life at optimum performances so if your shopping online for Vitamins choose carefully.

Vitamin D Deficiency

• Heart health*
• Cell formation and cell longevity*
• Skin health*
• Pancreatic health*
• Aging process*
• Sleep patterns*
• Hearing*
• Reproductive health*
• Athletic performance*
• Eye health*
• Vascular system health*
• Respiratory health*
• Immune health*... Most people feel in better health during the summer  sunshine months -- ever wonder why?
• Healthy mood and feelings of well-being*
• Weight management, including carbohydrate and fat metabolism*
• Hair and hair follicles*
• Strong and healthy bones, because vitamin D encourages calcium uptake*
• Muscles*
• Proper digestion and food absorption*

get 80 ingredients in One Tablet By  Xtend-life  Total Balance Vitamins  with  Resveratrol ingredient

Cheap Vitamin Pills & supplements do not include this important Resveratrol ingredient

Do not cook with olive oil use Organic Coconut oil instead

FREE S & H for all orders greater than US$60.On all xtend life products

To invest in a sound foundation for your future health select either one of the Total Balance products or our Multi-Xtra and combine it with our pure New Zealand Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil.

  Natural  Vitamins by xtend- life

Vitamins and Minerals which are enteric coated by xtend- life

Natural Vitamin therapy act as co- factors in millions of cellular reactions, each nutrient opens the biochemical doors and windows giving your body the amazing ability to heal itself.
The Vitamins form Xtend Life are derived from Bio technology
If you are at all concerned about your health you should be taking Total Balance Vitamin + minerals, These minerals can be obtained in part from bee pollen

What is important is that we don't use vitamins which are derived from petrochemicals.

Unfortunately many of the mass produced multi vitamin/mineral products on the Supermarket  shelves, are produced from petrochemicals which means that they are only minimally effective.

A good diet of the essential vegetables like fresh broccoli and cauliflower fresh green salads and fruit . The answer lays in soil, if it comes directly out of the soil it’s pretty much great for the body

However unfortunately the soils of today are deficient in Minerals like selenium so Vitamin supplements are absolutely essential for a total balance within the body .

Essential Vitamins like the sunshine vitamin D, Vitamin from carrots, A  vitamin E  K  these vitamins are stored in the fat cells of your body .

Vitamins will improve all the senses and general well being of your skeletal system. Any person that advises you that Vitamins and minerals are a waste of time and space are frankly uniformed skeptics or part of the medical gang. Doctors Survive on waiting Room that are full.

History says otherwise, by taking Vitamins and minerals you will reduce the land mines of life. i. e. illnesses like major cancers (graviola ) and Osteoporosis (vitamin d)


  A Vitamins Genius by xtend- life

Your vitamin Pill by      Xtend-life

A Vitamins Genius our very own professor

Among Total Balance's greatest strengths and probably the most important are the qualifications and experience of the chief bio-scientist who formulated it. Prof. Dr. A Munem Daoud PhD., MSc., ND.
Dr. Munem settled in New Zealand some 20 years ago. He is a world-renowned scientist who was included in the 1997-98 Who's Who in the World wide  list for scientists. His qualifications and experience are impeccable.

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Total Balance Range

  • Seven versions to suit individual needs
  • Now in its 9th year and 6th generation
  • Uses advanced technology and nutrients for maximum efficacy
  • Relied upon each month by thousands of customers in 45 countries
  • Unequalled value for money... guaranteed

This range of general health 'anti-aging' supplements are the most comprehensive, effective and advanced in the world today and cater for a wide age range. These products are in a class of their own!  More Info


is a state of the art multi-vitamin/mineral supplement with active, natural forms of nutrients PLUS other essential nutrients not normally found in a supplement of this type.  More info on Multi-Xtra Vitamins ...

Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil
is exceptionally pure and fresh with unrivalled anti-inflammatory properties...proven to be two and a half times more potent than 'normal' fish oils. More info...

Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Premium
helps reduce the effects of photo-aging…even helping you unlock the potential to de-age your skin while improving your appearance from the inside out...making you look younger and more attractive. More info...

Omega 3 QH Ultra "Turbo-charge" your Energy It’s called CoQ10. BUT not the ordinary CoQ10 that you are no doubt familiar with! It is a special type of CoQ10 called Ubiqui(nol) from Kaneka in Japan who were the original developers of CoQ10.
AND    astaxanthin which crosses the Blood brain Barrier
Protect your Heart!


Omega 3 QH Ultra Premium Fish Oil  for more details and MUCH more

Brain and Nervous System

The Neuro-Natural family of supplements contain some of the most advanced nutrients known to science to help with your brain and nervous system health.  Both Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil are also beneficial in this area as well.

Neuro-Natural General This product is designed to help the general nervous system and the brain counter the impact of aging. It does this with special nutrients that help the neuro-transmitters and much more. More info...

Neuro-Natural Memory
This formula contains 49 active ingredients proven to enhance your brain power...such as Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, Phosphatidyl-L Serine just to mention a few...in a highly bioavailable form. More info...

Neuro-Natural Sleep
is a sophisticated natural formula containing extracts of herbs such as Valerian and Chamomile (well known to help promote rest) combined, for the first time, with specialized natural substances. More info...

Neuro-Natural Serenity
This complex formula is designed to address the underlying causes of depression, stress and anxiety. It contains some very important nutrients such as SAMe to improve methylation and more... More info...

We highly recommend that you combine these products with our Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil for enhanced results. For maximum results combine with our Premium fish Oil Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Premium

Joints and Arthritis

In addition to the below three products it should be noted that both Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA Fish oil may benefit these health concerns.

The prime objective of this formula is to address inflammation and help correct the fundamental causes of arthritic symptoms. It contains specialized enzymes and nutrients such as SAMe. More info...

Green Lipped Mussel Powder
This 'whole food' supplement may help relieve aches, joint pains and inflammation. Unique processing ensures this contains organic components which may also provide additional health benefits More info...

This is one of the very few formulas on the market that contains the full spectrum of nutrients needed to build strong bones and ensure the best possible bio-availability... Maybe even the only one! More info...


We highly recommend that you combine these products with our

Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil

for enhanced results. For maximum results combine with our Premium fish Oil

Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Premium

Sexual Health

For maximum benefit combine the products below with the appropriate Total Balance version for Men or Women.

Female Rejuvenator

Female Rejuvenator
includes natural nutrients that have been scientifically proven to help address specific female concerns...such as PMS and menopausal symptoms...safely. Maybe even improve your libido. More info...

Male Rejuvenator
The aim of this product is to provide preventative help against prostate cancer, the biggest threat to male health, and other male sexual health conditions such as BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) More info...


This product has been developed with the objective of addressing some of the root causes of diabetes. It also aims to try and reduce the damage to your body's organs by providing a wide range of natural nutrients. More info...

Colds and Flu's

For best all year round protection take one of the Total Balance versions with Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil. Viral-Protec can be added for an extra boost or taken as a stand alone preventative.

This is a powerful supplement designed to build up protection specifically against colds and flu’s. It goes way beyond the simple formulas of Echinacea and Vitamin C. It is excellent for the eyes as well. More info...

Heart and Artery Products

Like all our products the two below can be taken in conjunction with the foundation products or as stand alone products.

Cardio klenze

Cardio-Klenz This is a one of a kind supplement and unlike any others on the market. It contains specialized nutrients to specifically help cleanse the arteries. For example, a special enzyme Nattokinsase, and more... More info...

utilizes the latest knowledge in science and technology to help normalize your cholesterol...naturally. It approaches the problem in a multi-faceted way. It is currently the third generation. More info...



We highly recommend that you combine these products with our Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil for enhanced results. For maximum results combine with our Premium fish Oil Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Premium or Omega 3 QH Ultra Premium Fish Oil for more details and MUCH more




Womens Skin Care




Mens skin care  Range




FREE S & H for all orders greater than US$60.On all xtend life products

Vitamin Arcade for Vitamins minerals The building blocks of life- boost the immune system  with vitamins Minerals and nutritional supplements



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FLU Injections

 Death in a Bottle - Supplied by your Doctor -  You can stop this - Follow the links

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Mothers do you really love your child

contains mercury


human fetal tissue



bovine fetal serum etc etc

14th may 2010

Seasonal flu vaccinations have been suspended in Australia for all children under the age of five. The suspension comes after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospitals with convulsions after receiving flu injections.

More than 250 children may have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, with symptoms including fever, vomiting and convulsions.

Everything you need to know about Vaccines



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