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Now consider that half of the drugs cleared for public sale by the FDA are quietly removed from the market (or greatly restricted) in 5 years or less because of their dangerous and deadly effects. 

Hundreds of people die each month for example,  Avandia   (Mouse over Avandia)




The FDA along with BAYER killed innocent children according to this video



What the FDA knows about Lactoferrin but wont tell you just the like Folic Acid Debacle

It's quite obvious that the director of the FDA food safety Judith A Gushee (if that's her real name) has NO idea of the benefits of Lactoferrin,

This women has a pair breasts and its obvious that she knows didly squat about them and what they are used for.... if she takes the time to read what breasts are for (in this PDF File Lactoferrin ) then the reason for expounding the benefits of breasts can be read (after the FDA letter to me) within that PDF file

A letter of apology to Vitamin Arcade will be forthcoming.... Yeah Right.

I put it to the Director of Homeland Security that The FDA is extremely dangerous to your health and stands for the Fascist Department of America and in my opinion is a paid servant of the Medical Gang supporting the FDA and they, Homeland security should do something about it to protect the health of Americans


IS the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) The Fascist Department of America YES

A lawyer acting for the FDA said that he did not
think the first amendment applied to the FDA

This is Fascism

The FDA wrote to me Here in New Zealand telling me what I can say or not say on my web site, Lactoferrin (PDF File) my answer to them is below their Letter is within that PDF File

Only They the FDA can decide that their jurisdiction extends to New Zealand thank god for freedom it does not,

We in NZ think differently, or do we. The fascists here in NZ are trying to change the rules

Is the good old USA the land of the free!!!  to coin an American Phrase. What crap

Can The FDA , be thinking that the world starts and ends in America

This is Fascism

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is censoring health information. The pharmaceutical companies are the winners. You and your family are the losers.

The FDA is censoring health information. For example, the FDA prohibited the claim that folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects for four years while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended every woman of childbearing age take that supplement. Thus, the FDA contributed to an estimated 10,000 preventable neural tube defects.

in simple Terms they the FDA caused neural tube defects in 10,000 babies

  • An estimated 300,000 Americans die each year from sudden-death heart attacks. That number, however, could be reduced by 40% if people were allowed to know that fish oil treats heart arrhythmia's and heart thrombosis.
  • An estimated 20 million Americans suffer pain and debilitation from osteoarthritis. That number, however, could be reduced substantially if people were allowed to know that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate treat osteoarthritis.
  • An estimated 50% of males over the age of 50 suffer from a benign enlarged prostate. That number, however, could be reduced if men were allowed to know that saw palmetto extract treats benign prostatic hyperplasia. Male rejuvenator
  • The evidence for these dietary ingredients claims is overwhelming -- yet the FDA bans them outright!


In 1994, the U.S. Congress ordered the FDA to let the public have access to scientific articles and publications on the role of nutrients in disease by passing the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). In addition, four federal court orders have condemned the FDA's practice of censorship as a violation of the First Amendment.

Yet, censorship by the FDA goes on on and on and on with impunity!!

The time has come to name these decision makers publicly.

The Health Freedom Protection Act will prevent the FDA from censoring Americans' right to know about truthful, health-enhancing benefits of foods and dietary ingredients.

Congressmen Ron Paul, Walter Jones, John Duncan, Peter DeFazio, Roscoe Bartlett, Dan Burton, Jeff Miller, and Rob Bishop introduced the Health Freedom Protection Act (H.R. 4282) on Wednesday, November 9th. Please urge your U.S. representative to become a cosponsor of this legislation and to work for its quick passage. Go to the Take Action Now box above to send your message.

Read about this bill
Take Action Now! Enter Your Zip Code:

In 1994 passed a law that allows supplement companies to publish the truth about their products. Fantastic you might say ….. However here is the problem The FDA has the absolute power

( Fascism) to prevent all health or disease related claims from going public whether true or not so what was the point of the passing of law…this means that if and when the American people can learn the truth about what a dietary supplement can do for them the product or supplement has to be approved as a prescription drug and the FDA has to approve it.

So the American government has to approve the truth !!! (Fascism)

The last time I heard that was in China and Russia and North Korea

The FDA demands a user pays fee that can can be as high as 50 million Dollars for one product alone. A small price to pay for freedom of speech…… can you feel the sarcasm creeping in ….

The FDA is a fascist scam of the highest order.For Americans to call America the land of the free is propaganda of the highest order………

The psychiatric drugs known as Psychotropic drugs approved by the the FDA have approved drugs for one hundred million psychotropic drug takers all over the world with NO science behind any of the diagnosis for ADD Bipolar I repeat there are no definitive tests no blood samples whatsoever

How did this happen Psychiatrist ( trick Cyclists) convinced their patients they are sick. Psychiatrists make truck loads of money out of the unsuspecting People they treat

click here for a fantastic video exposing the drug companies.


 Here is a  report by the FDA on itself

Pure Propaganda



Congress is the real problem

They Congress told the FDA your job is no longer to make drugs safe, your job is to rush out new drugs on to the market place faster. Congress therefore is in collusion with the drug companies

Congress -FDA- Psychiatrists- Drug Companies

This is world war 4 against the people of America and the rest of the world

world war 3 was fought against fascism and dictators

The dictators are now in the American congress making heaps of dollars on the suffering of others world wide with the help of the Medical gang. The leader of this pack of wolves have been past Presidents.

The primary lack of moral fiber is the $greed and hidden agenda of the medical gang.

The average Psychotropic drug makes 7.7 million per day

Zyprexia makes 12,000,000 dollars per day


Psychiatrists get together an come up with some of the  the following disorders below


eating disorder infancy

impulse control disorder

attention deficit

sexual dysfunction

obsessive compulsive



Adjustment disorder

I have just made two up today

congressional dysfunction disorder

and the most important one the

Psychiatric dysfunctional disorder this relates to the giving of harmful useless untested ( 8 week test for Most) Psychotropic drugs to unsuspecting people.

Psychiatrists should immediately diagnose themselves and take two Bottles of Paxil a day


But your Doctor, yes MD, yes PhD, Your doctors are crying out foul that psychiatrists are making so much money and these same doctors are prescribing pills by the thousands for other disorders other than psychiatric disorders (I call this double standards )I.E. for Blood pressure etc.

Take Vioxx for example Merck Agrees To Vioxx Payout - Pharmaceutical giant Merck has agreed to a nearly $5 billion settlement in a class-action lawsuit.

How many doctors not psychiatrists that you trusted prescribed this to Patients because the FDA said it was okay


The Nazis experimented with the Jews in the death camps like Auschwitz the drug companies are now experimenting with you. Now today and getting paid for it. here's the parallel

One ex Nazis who designed the scroll above Auschwitz gate was the Nazis mastermind of the German death camps, Fritz Der Meer, former “Over Manager” (CEO) of the German industrial combine, IG Farben and after the Nuremberg trials Fritz Der Meer was jailed for six years and then after his sentence Fritz Der Meer was Made President of the Bayer Drug Company. Ironic

see my link codex Alimentarius

Bayer rat of the century







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FLU Injections

 Death in a Bottle - Supplied by your Doctor -  You can stop this - Follow the links

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Mothers do you really love your child

contains mercury


human fetal tissue



bovine fetal serum etc etc

14th may 2010

Seasonal flu vaccinations have been suspended in Australia for all children under the age of five. The suspension comes after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospitals with convulsions after receiving flu injections.

More than 250 children may have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, with symptoms including fever, vomiting and convulsions.

Everything you need to know about Vaccines



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