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FDA and Psychotrophic Drugs

The psychiatric drugs known as Psychotropic drugs approved by the the FDA have approved drugs for one hundred million psychotropic drug takers all over the world with NO science behind any of the diagnosis for ADD, Bipolar.

I repeat there are no definitive tests no blood samples whatsoever for ADD and bipolar or ANY other psychiatric disorder.

Its a "Chemical brain imbalance"  NO SUCH THING ...... Call it VOODOO medicine

How did this happen Psychiatrist ( trick Cyclists) convinced their patients they are sick. Psychiatrists make truck loads of money out of the unsuspecting People they treat.

click here for a fantastic video exposing the drug companies.


Congress is the real problem

Congress told the FDA your job is no longer to make drugs safe, your job is to rush out new drugs on to the market place faster. Congress therefore is in collusion with the drug companies

Congress -FDA- Psychiatrists- Drug Companies

This is world war 4 against the people of America and the rest of the world

World War 2 was fought against fascism and dictators.... it's now World War 3

The dictators are now in the American congress making heaps of dollars on the suffering of others world wide with the help of the Medical gang. The leader of this pack of wolves have been past Presidents.

The primary lack of moral fiber is the $greed and hidden agenda of the medical gang.

The average Psychotropic drug makes 7.7 million per day

Zyprexia makes 12,000,000 dollars per day


Psychiatrists get together and come up with the following disorders below


eating disorder infancy

impulse control disorder

attention deficit

sexual dysfunction

obsessive compulsive



Adjustment disorder

I have just made two up today

congressional dysfunction disorder

and the most important one the

Psychiatric dysfunctional disorder this relates to the giving of harmful useless untested ( 8 week test for Most) Psychotropic drugs to unsuspecting people.

Psychiatrists should immediately diagnose themselves and take two Bottles of Paxil a day


But your Doctor, yes MD, yes PhD, Your doctors are crying out foul that psychiatrists are making so much money and these same doctors are prescribing pills by the thousands for other disorders other than psychiatric disorders (I call this double standards ) I.E. for Blood pressure etc.

Take Viox for example Merck Agrees To Vioxx Payout - Pharmaceutical giant Merck has agreed to a nearly $5 billion settlement in a class-action lawsuit.

How many doctors not psychiatrists that you trusted prescribed this to Patients because the FDA said it was okay

The Nazis experimented with the Jews

in the death camps like Auschwitz

The drug companies are now experimenting with you.

Now today and getting paid for it. here's the parallel

One ex Nazis who designed the scroll above Auschwitz gate was the Nazis mastermind of the German death camps, Fritz Der Meer, former “Over Manager” (CEO) of the German industrial combine, IG Farben and after the Nuremberg trials Fritz Der Meer was jailed for six years and then after his sentence Fritz Der Meer was Made President of the Bayer Drug Company. Ironic see my link codex Alimentarius Bayer rat of the century



The medical Gang consisting of Psychiatrists, FDA, Congress and Drug Companies, after passing the passage of the Prescription drug user fee act known as PDUFA

Through this bill the FDA would be paid $ 100,000 to ensure psychotropic drugs would be rushed through to the prescriber. those same drugs were tested for  for no more than 6 to 8 weeks


Drugs like  Paxil , Zyprexia, Lexopro, Seroque, Effexor, Risperdal ,Cymbalta ,Ablify.


The average Psychotropic drug makes 7.7 Million dollars a day

  • Zyprexa make 12 million dollars a day

Psychotropic Drugs DO NOT resolve any mental problems, they actually cause them.

The Psychotropic drugs are toxic to your body and cause addiction and dependency.


The longer Psychiatric patients are on this crap the worse the prognosis is for the patient

Have you heard of the saying collateral damage well these "Drug Bombs" have collateral damage to the Heart liver Kidneys and  Type 2 Diabetes.


Heroin cocaine and meth amphetamine Drug pushers get jail sentences for pushing addictive drugs. Drugs Companies get paid Billions for  pushing their toxic crap,


click here for a fantastic video

The drug companies use their own ghost writers to write about a particular drug, they then, get an eminent dubious Psychiatrist ( trick Cyclists) ( you can find plenty of them that do this ) to sign his name on the article even though the Psychiatrist has  even not read the article.

The Psychiatrist gets say  $10,000 dollars for his efforts and the more eminent  dubious  Psychiatrist ( trick Cyclists) reads this crap, knows its crap and then proceeds to keep this cycle of dishonesty and deception going (IN the video click here for a fantastic video these Psychiatrist state there is no basis or science to this deception and yet they still continue this madness with the aid of the Government (Congress) drug companies and the FDA and Psychiatrist ( trick Cyclists) to prescribe these drugs to their patients.

Fda reports 4,260 suicides



If you know of any body on this these drugs  see  the list List here  Fda reports 4,260 suicides 

(You can search my site from the search Box) sanctioned by the medical gang get them to go to a proper Doctor who is interested in saving lives than making money out of human suffering to get them off this crap they are taking …... then write in to http://www.fda.gov/safety/medwatch/default.htm#   to report side affects

or click my Pdf File below






CCHR inform your self and act today.PDF


CCHR invented mental disorders.PDF


            CCHR go here for the MEDWATCH pdf file to print the form postage free


CCHR Drugging children for profit Facts and figures about Psychiatry.PDF  

CCHR Take action twelve steps.PDF










All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke


Most Mental problems are caused by underlying Physical illnesses

more to come


 Now the evil from an Australian





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