Citric Acid (msg)

Citric acid     ( e 330)  (330)

AKA : Acidity Regulator




Citric Acid   and if you  think it comes from Citric fruits you are correct and this type of citric acid is Naturally formed and harmless……..


Here’s the Danger  on  CITRIC ACID  ( e 330) (330), yeast extract

it’s manufactured Rubbish from China

and sold by The Multinational food companies ……they have disguised   MSG  in the food ingredient  as Citric Acid

They manufacturers of your food changed the Name (MSG) Mono sodium Glutamate to  Citric Acid  without  advising you of the dangers


I kid you not,

The Multinational food companies  import / buy this garbage  from China and put it in your food

It is Made from the Mold from GMO corn by Chemists

  Citric Acid has nothing to do with citrus fruits like lemons and limes,

it’s more commonly made by feeding sugars to black mold and processed using  Sulfuric Acid in stainless steel pipes and s/s containers from China.

Citric acid is in just about all processed foods.

So if you like corrosive sulfuric acid with your food which is anything in a glass jar, plastic container, Baby food, fish or anything that needs preserving.