Distilled water

Distilled water

Contrary to popular perception, Urine is not a by-product of the body’s waste disposal system, but of blood filtration. Nutrient-filled blood passes through the Liver, where toxins are removed and excreted as solid waste.
The purified blood then goes through another filtering process via the Kidneys, where components for which the body has no immediate use are collected in a sterile, watery solution. For that reason, it is highly sterile, consisting of 95 per cent water and five per cent nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, antibodies and Stem-Cells and  over 3,000 compounds + other beneficial ingredients.
Advocates of auto-urine therapy believe that this combination can help cure everything from the common cold to cancer, boosting energy levels and sexual performance along the way. While the practice has always been popular in China, India and South-east Asia, a small but growing band of Western fans are also downing a daily dose. Books with titles such as The Golden Fountain all extol the virtues of urine.
Additional Note by the writer. Taking Baking Soda  elevates Urine to the level of Alkalinity to green of 7 to 8 PH 


help rid yourself of the chlorine in your system and get the intended benefit from

your food and nutritional supplements, you may want to try humic extracts (especially
fulvic acids), that are said to provide natural chelation properties. Chelation means
that the chemicals actually bond with or “pick up” the toxins. They detoxify the liver
and the digestive tract by attaching to toxic build
up, including heavy metals and
chlorination byproducts, and then disarm, neutralize, and remove these toxins as
waste  in YOUR POO , POO,  NUMBER 2s ,
Products. Fulvic acids also work as nature’s most powerful antioxidants,
neutralizing dangerous free radicals, and supplying hormone
The chlorine issue should come as no real surprise to any biochemist. Chlorine   is DEADLY and has
been Mixed/combined with many other normally
safe organic substances, to form some of the
most powerful deadly toxins known, such as dioxin, DDT, and PCB.
The bottom line is that chlorine is the one of the
 major culprits in disintegrating health, not the

other good substances with which it reacts.

Is there a better substitute for chlorine in water treatment:
Yes. Hydrogen peroxide
(H2O2) destroys infectious organisms and impurities in water 4,000 times better than chlorine.

Ozone (O3) treatment is equally effective. Eleven hundred cities, worldwide treat their drinking watewith ozone; many have done so since as early as 1901.

To generate ozone, dry air or oxygen is passed through a high voltage electrical field Ozone drinking
water treatment in Andover, Massachusetts successfully controlled.
Reported on the first page of Fascist Google Search engine, that distilled water sucks out the Minerals from the body , they missed the exact Correct words to use,  in that, the body sucks out the in-organic minerals which are usless to the body .
The plant based organic minerals that are the GOOD Minerals  which are left in the Body, so it can thrive like the living plants that thrive on organic minerals  for millions of years…….by going directly to page 20 you will see so much info  to embarrass the Reporting on the first page of Fascist Google, that distilled water sucks out the Minerals from the body, with NO explanation of why?  to get to the real point of why , it comes down to,  “IN-Organic” and Organic, MINERALS. Fascist Google are guilty of Nazi Propaganda by failing to clarify these Important points….. PAGEs  5 TO 10  exact description of the truth about Distilled water