Cure Yourself of Cancer


 Protocol for health, updated 25 January 2018



Saliva and Urine Get PH strips and test your PH LEVEL it should be around 7.2 (green ). 6.4 is going into acidosis State ( Yellow orangey colour ) and has to be elevated to above that of 6.4 into an alkaline state of say 7.2 (VERY GREEN) or around Green.

Cancer will not survive in that PH Region of 7.2 Most doctors do not know this. Alternative Doctors do know this 

2nd step…….

Baking Soda needs to be taken. Why? It has has a PH. value of 9.2 (very Dark Green )

( Let your armpits be charm pits )

I have used Baking Soda as a deodorant for the past 12 years, does not stain clothing and is readily available, get any family members to use it as well. It absorbs easily through the skin. Dampen 2 fingers and rub it in under the arms

(This helps your  PH value even more.) Beware of all deodorants advertised on TV. I suspect Multi-Nationals of all unhealthy products as they contain Aluminium this includes Toothpaste, Shampoo’s

No Soy unless you know it’s fermented, 95% of all Soy THE TOXIC BEAN is GMO is sold by that shite company Monsanto and is UN-FERMENTED. Soy Milk is dangerous to your Health If it has a U in front of it, it’s useless, same with fats

A list of foods to Avoid By Monsanto

Saturated Fats are good for you. Use organic Coconut oil for Good brain health and cooking, and as skin moisturiser

Canola oil is Shite, as with all vegetable cooking oils treat them all as suspicious shite. Monsanto product.

Soy Lecithin” is one step below a poison and is a paint emulsifier.
Flush your body with Water

Chocolate: Beware of all Chocolate and all foods with SOY LECITHIN on the label….. it’s a Paint Emulsifier and is one step below a poison made from the Toxic Soy Bean

All Major milk chocolate Manufacturers use it !!! especially Cadbury a Monsanto Co.

You have to Breath from the NOSE and not the MOUTH using the lower diaphragm stomach in and out.

This will help with oxygenation that’s where the major lung tissues called ALVEOLI are for the Body.

The upper chest breathing is for the emergency requirement of oxygen IE Running exercise etc. Cancer cannot live in a properly oxygenated body

Further steps on oxygenation I will pass on by email if required.

Lugols Iodine a must for the Body and The MIND great for depression and overactive and underactive Thyroid and the cells in your body, 300 million of them.

Colloidal Silver essential for combatting colds and Flu and the 650 viruses etc., The Flu shot…..  Get your Doctor to guarantee in writing and anybody else that it’s harmless to you, I Guarantee they will not.

  • Now Your Diet

 The foods…. follow these steps and you will never see cancer again you need to Eat 80% alkaline foods balanced with 20% Acid foods (get a list of foods) (coffee is an acid Food use Baking soda to even the acid to alkaline)

White Table salt throw it out or use it for melting ice, it’s shite

USE only “Himalayan Sea Salt” or the Celtic Sea Salt “ contains 92 Minerals and vitamins, I use it every day. An hour before bed, I take one chip on the tongue and drink it down with water. It will go to every cell in the body.

Consumer rubbished “Sea Salt” Beware of the packet that Just says “SEA SALT” Consumer NZ should have differentiated between the two I mentioned above “Himalayan Sea Salt” or Celtic Sea Salt “.

All fruit is good, it does contain Sugar, its the good kind, natural, within the fruit and not processed by man. AVOID ALL PROCESSED WHITE AND BROWN SUGAR use Organic Coconut Sugar 

Get Magnesium oil  and spray on the skin for cramp ( NO PILLS )

Apple cider vinegar with the “Mothers” from a health food shop Do not buy from the middle shelves in supermarkets, It’s mostly highly processed Rubbish

3 Stop using toothpaste and shampoos and the like they contain Sodium laurel sulfates, a Cancer causing foaming agent. Email me for a superb alternative I have used for the last 4-5 years with no fillings and no Plaque removal from a dentist.

Use Organic Coconut Sugar instead of Sweeteners and Processed white sugar.

Red meat ( acid Food ) and Processed sugar and Cancer love each other so much so they send Valentines to one another.

I sent you this, as Chemotherapy is Barbaric treatment and destroys the total Immune System. Leaving the body vulnerable for the Cancer to return It will and it does with a vengeance. 

Doctors are supposed to reside with the Hippocratic oath of “DO NO HARM ” By all means go to The Doctor for a diagnosis, however, that’s where it stops, as soon as the Doctor reaches for that prescription Pad, run a mile !!! Modern quackery drugs are made from Petro Chemicals By BIG PHARMA  and Actually cause Cancer. Beware of Cheap vitamins made by big Pharma.

Use plant-based Vitamins only that includes Vitamin C

My Protocol include essential EXERCISE I do 300 to 400 Sit-ups and 90 Press ups continuous a day. I started from 1 a day built up to 100 Find your start level and build slowly. 

PS. My protocol (as above ) I used assisted a 53-year-old woman of limited means in Asia of Polycythemia Vera (The making of too many Red blood cells).

The 53-year-old woman was taking a Chemo Therapy agent called Hydroxyurea for her condition for the past 7 years, slowly destroying her Immune system.

My first visit with her was with her Hospital Specialist. I recommended just one part of the protocol to the Specialist. I knew what the answer would be, it was “No I don’t think so”! The Woman made her choice she went on my protocol immediately after leaving the hospital and in only 3 weeks on my protocol, her  bloods, came back normal ie Hematocrit levels, platelets, etc. and were checked every month for 12 months and are still normal and she still on my protocol and extremely healthy and off the Chemo drug.

The Mayo clinic States Polycythemia Vera can’t be cured, more bollocks from the Medical Gang.

Your cancer has been, quietly simmering within the Body over many years and, when the immune system shuts down the trouble rears its head. Just because the Dry ice was successful on the surface, It will not cure what’s going on below the surface nor will the Doctor, they manage the Disease by using Chemo, Radiation, and surgery this quackery by the “Medical Gang” spreads Cancer.

All of the above protocol will boost your immune system like nothing else and will give you the self-assurance what you are doing is the correct thing for Yourself

Hippocrates said: “Let Food be your Medicine and let your medicine be your Food”

I do this for nothing and I pay it forward Good health to you

P. S. Warning: Your Drinking water in Auckland And Wellington is heavily Poisoned By Water Care and the Auckland council they are using pollution scrubbers from China. It’s called Silicon Fluoride and has a skull and Crossbones on the bag. China stopped putting it in their water 33 years ago.

National, Labour and the Greens are behind Silicon Fluoride being dumped in our water supply led By Peter Dunne (ice a holer or asshole )) through the DHBS, part of the Ruling NZ Government without any investigation about who was supplying it and what sort Fluoride it was.

Eventually, this poisoned water containing

Arsenic Cadmium Lead Aluminum

  ends up in our Rivers, streams, and the sea, Taupo council dump it in Lake Taupo, Welcome to “Clean green New Zealand” (We should have been on Myth Busters )

Health providers Politicians doctors Medsafe Minister of Health have chosen to ignore that Silicon Fluorides or Sodium Fluorides are used in Herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, and fungicides known to cause havoc within the human body as they do not pass through the body

The results of this are Known to cause Cancer, see the List Below

Genetic damage

neurological impairment

Lowered IQ in Children





Chromosomal aberration


Sickle Cell


Downs Syndrome


immune system Suppression

Dental Fluorosis Fatigue Bloody vomit

Skin Rashes Gastroenteritis

abdominal pains

Chronic fatigue Muscle Spasms


Hair Loss High blood Lead levels Learning Disabilities

Thyroid Dysfunction Lead Uptake

Joint Pain Muscular Aches Bone fractures Hypersensitivity Headaches Urinary tract infections

**Ref Hollingsworth Take control Of your Health by  Elaine, Chapter 9 

Recommended reading: Food combining for Health By Doris Grant and Jean Joice ISBN 07225-1968-0

Recommended reading: www.doctorsaredangerous

The Author

At the age of 75, I do not use prescription Drugs of any Sort, nor have I had a Flu injection and never will for the last 45 years.
Anything I have propose below, I have used for and on my self, time and time again over the last 15 years of studying Health. 

I only go to the Doctor to get my Bloods Checked. 

Always go organic, good health

All material provided within this website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken solely on the contents of this website.

Especially be wary of any recomendation by the FDA

 ( food and drug administation USA)
Keep well away from Hospitals, the best way to get the MRSA bug is in a Hospital