FDA and 4,260 Suicides

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Please bear in mind that if you take guidance from the FDA Scumbags, then whatever the FDA impart, should not be construed as honourable medical advice or instruction. Whatever the FDA imparts is highly suspect and corrupt, and does NOT have your health interests to their heart. The FDA’s only real interest is they have Millions of dollars from Big Pharma and the USA Government to their keep self serving parasitical organisation potent.

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Decrypted FDA reports reveal 4,260 suicides, 2,452 additional deaths,195 homicides from psychiatric drugs in 2004-2006 alone.

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For the first time the side effects of psychiatric drugs that have been reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by doctors, pharmacists, other healthcare providers and consumers have been decrypted from the FDA’s MedWatch reporting system and made available to the public in an easy to search psychiatric drug side effects search engine provided as a free public service by the mental health watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR).

The report totals reveal that between 2004-2008 the FDA’s MedWatch system received pregnancy-related psychiatric drug adverse reaction reports which included 2,442 babies born with heart disease, 3,372 other birth defects, as well as 1,072 miscarriages, abortions and other deaths. Between 2004-2008 there were 4,895 suicides, 3,908 cases of aggression, 309 homicides and 6,945 cases of diabetes from people taking psychiatric drugs. These numbers reflect only a small percentage of the actual side effects occurring in the consumer market, as the FDA has admitted that only 1-10% of side effects are ever reported to the FDA.

The Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine provides individual reports of side effects (for the 2004-2006 period), and is searchable by type of drug, age of patient, the side effect reported (suicide, homicide, heart attack, stroke, mania, etc.), who provided the reported side effect to the drug (doctor, pharmacist, consumer etc), and whether the drug in question carries a black box warning (the agency’s strongest warning—short of banning a drug) as well as the top 20 reported adverse reactions (side effects) to all psychiatric drugs to the FDA and combined summaries of all psychiatric drug reactions for the years 2004-2006 and 2004-2008.

Since the reform of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) in 2007, ads for psychiatric and other drugs must include statements encouraging consumers to report adverse drug reactions to the FDA’s MedWatch system—Adverse Events Reporting System (AERS). However, consumers or doctors attempting to access the AERS online were confounded by a system so complex that it was impossible to use. Although the FDA should have made the information collected readily accessible, it failed in that duty to the public. It took a computer programmer over 1,000 hours to decipher four years’ worth of data to make this information available.

The programmer identified the main psychiatric drugs in the AERS, wading through quarterly reports of seven different reporting systems, including the drug name, demographics, adverse reactions, patient outcomes, reporting source, therapy start and end dates and the indication (diagnosis). The result: A database and search engine that unravels the 94,000 pages of codified psychiatric drug adverse reactions reported each year from 2004-2006 and 2004-2008 to the FDA’s MedWatch system.

Reporting of adverse reactions to psychiatric drugs by doctors, pharmacists, other healthcare providers, and consumers once those drugs are out in the consumer market, is fundamental to drug safety monitoring. Yet these reports have been frequently ignored or dismissed as “anecdotal” by the FDA even when serious side effects number in the thousands. The FDA approves the majority of psychiatric drugs only after Phase 2 (short-term) clinical trials. However, once the drugs are out in the consumer market, the FDA is supposed to require longer clinical trials or post-marketing studies of the drugs, however, this rarely happens. Subsequently, dangerous and deadly drugs have been left without black box warnings, or on the market for far too long. The best “signal” event for the FDA to direct its resources in identifying or pulling dangerous drugs is what is happening out in the real world, with consumers and patients, not in a controlled short-term clinical trial, funded by the pharmaceutical companies seeking approval for their drugs to go to market.

For years the information contained in the FDA’s MedWatch reporting system has been inaccessible and therefore virtually useless for consumers and doctors. CCHR’s stance has always been that consumers have the right to this information for then ̶ and only then ̶ can consumers have full “informed consent” regarding the risks of psychiatric drugs, and so it has provided this database as a free public service.

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It is important to keep in mind that by the FDA’s own admission, only 1-10% of side effects to prescription drugs are ever reported to the FDA, so the numbers/tables below are low in comparison to the actual side effects occurring in the general population.

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This is a list of all Primary Suspect Psychiatric Drugs reported in the Detail Table

FDA Approved Rubbish


Akarin (Citalopram), Aremis (Sertraline), Aropax (Paroxetine), Celapram (Citalopram), Celexa (Citalopram), Cipralex (Escitalopram), Cipramil (Citalopram), Citalopram (Citalopram), Citalopram .5 Mg (Citalopram), Citalopram 10 Mg (Citalopram), Citalopram 20 Mg (Citalopram), Citalopram 4 Mg (Citalopram), Citalopram 40 Mg (Citalopram), Citalopram HBr (Citalopram), Cloridrato De Fluoxetina (Fluoxetine), Daxid (Sertraline), Depromel (Fluvoxamine), Depromel 25 (Fluvoxamine), Deroxat (Paroxetine), Elopram (Citalopram), Entact (Escitalopram), Escitalopram (Escitalopram), Escitalopram 10 Mg (Escitalopram), Escitalopram 5 Mg (Escitalopram), Escitalopram Oxalate (Escitalopram), Floxyfral (Fluvoxamine), Fluctin (Fluoxetine), Fluctine (Fluoxetine), Fluoxamine 20 Mg (Fluvoxamine), Fluoxetine (Fluoxetine), Fluoxetine 20 Mg (Fluoxetine), Fluoxetine 20 Ml (Fluoxetine), Fluoxetine 40 Mg (Fluoxetine), Fluoxetine Gelule (Fluoxetine), Fluoxetine HCL (Fluoxetine), Fluvoxamine (Fluvoxamine), Fluvoxamine 100 Mg (Fluvoxamine), Fluvoxamine 150 Mg (Fluvoxamine), Fluvoxamine Maleate (Fluvoxamine), Fluvoxamine Maleate 50 Mg (Fluvoxamine), Fluvoxamini Maleas 50 Mg (Fluvoxamine), Fontex (Fluoxetine), Gladem (Sertraline), Ladose (Fluoxetine), Lexapro (Escitalopram), Lustral (Sertraline), Luvox (Fluvoxamine), Luvox 100 (Fluvoxamine), Optipar 20 Mg (Paroxetine), Paroxat (Paroxetine), Paroxetine (Paroxetine), Paroxetine 10 Mg (Paroxetine), Paroxetine 10-30 Mg (Paroxetine), Paroxetine 20 Mg (Paroxetine), Paroxetine 30 Mg (Paroxetine), Paroxetine 40 Mg (Paroxetine), Paroxetine CR (Paroxetine), Paroxetine HCL (Paroxetine), Paroxetine HCL 20 Mg (Paroxetine), Paroxetine Mesylate (Paroxetine), Paxil (Paroxetine), Paxil 20 Mg (Paroxetine), Paxil CR (Paroxetine), Pexeva (Paroxetine), Prisdal (Citalopram), Prozac (Fluoxetine), Prozac Weekly (Fluoxetine), Prozac-Oral (Fluoxetine), Sarafem (Fluoxetine), Serlain (Sertraline), Seroplex (Escitalopram), Seropram (Citalopram), Seroxat (Paroxetine), Serpam (Citalopram), Sertraline (Sertraline), Sertraline 100 Mg (Sertraline), Sertraline 50 Mg (Sertraline), Sertraline HCL (Sertraline), Sertraline HCL 100 Mg (Sertraline), Setraline (Sertraline), Sipralexa (Escitalopram), Tresleen (Sertraline), Zactin (Fluoxetine), Zoloft (Sertraline), Zoloft 50 Mg (Sertraline)


Cymbalata (Duloxetine), Cymbalta (Duloxetine), Desipramine (Desipramine), Desipramine HCL (Desipramine), Desipramine, 100 Mg, 150 Mg (Desipramine), Dobupal (Venlafaxine), Duloxetine (Duloxetine), Duloxetine 30 Mg (Duloxetine), Duloxetine 60 Mg (Duloxetine), Duloxetine 60/120 Mg (Duloxetine), Duloxetine HCL (Duloxetine), Dutonin (Nefazodone), Dutonin 100 Mg (Nefazodone), Efectin (Venlafaxine), Efectin ER (Venlafaxine), Efexor (Venlafaxine), Efexor Depot (Venlafaxine), Efexor ER (Venlafaxine), Efexor LP (Venlafaxine), Efexor XL (Venlafaxine), Efexor XR (Venlafaxine), Effeor (Venlafaxine), Effexor (Venlafaxine), Effexor 75 XR (Venlafaxine), Effexor EX (Venlafaxine), Effexor LP (Venlafaxine), Effexor XL (Venlafaxine), Effexor XL 150 Mg (Venlafaxine), Effexor XP (Venlafaxine), Effexor XR (Venlafaxine), Effexor XR 75 Mg (Venlafaxine), Faxine (Venlafaxine), Generic Serzone (Nefazodone), Nefadar (Nefazodone), Norpramin (Desipramine), Serzone (Nefazodone), Tevilor Retard (Venlafaxine), Trevilor (Venlafaxine), Trevilor Retard (Venlafaxine), Vandral Retard (Venlafaxine), Venlafaxine (Venlafaxine), Venlafaxine HCL (Venlafaxine), Venlafaxine XR (Venlafaxine), Yentreve (Duloxetine)

Atypical Antipsychotics

Abilify (Aripiprazole), Aripiprazol 15 Mg (Aripiprazole), Aripiprazole (Aripiprazole), Aripiprazole 10 Mg (Aripiprazole), Aripiprazole 15 Mg (Aripiprazole), Aripiprazole 20 Mg (Aripiprazole), Aripiprazole 30 Mg (Aripiprazole), Aripiprazole 5 Mg (Aripiprazole), Clozapine (Clozapine), Clozaril (Clozapine), Geodion (Ziprasidone), Geodon (Ziprasidone), Geogon (Ziprasidone), Leponex / Clozaril (Clozapine), Olanzapine (Olanzapine), Paliperidone Palmitate (Paliperidone), Quetiapine (Quetiapine), Quetiapine 100 Mg (Quetiapine), Quetiapine 200 Mg (Quetiapine), Quetiapine 25 Mg (Quetiapine), Quetiapine Fumarate (Quetiapine), Quetiapine Fumarate 25 Mg (Quetiapine), Risperdal (Risperidone), Risperdal Consta (Risperidone), Risperidone (Risperidone), Risperidone Consta (Risperidone), Seroquel (Quetiapine), Symbyax (Olanzapine), Zeldox (Ziprasidone), Ziprasidone (Ziprasidone), Ziprasidone 20 Mg (Ziprasidone), Ziprasidone 40 Mg (Ziprasidone), Ziprasidone 80 Mg (Ziprasidone), Ziprasidone HCL (Ziprasidone), Zyprexa (Olanzapine), Zyprexa Zydis (Olanzapine)


Amineurin 10 (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline 10 Mg (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline 100 Mg (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline 25 Mg (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline 50 Mg (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline 75 Mg (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline HCL (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline HCL 100 Mg (Amitriptyline), Amitriptyline HCL 25 Mg (Amitriptyline), Anafranil (Clomipramine), Asendin (Amoxapine), Budeprion 150 Mg (Bupropion), Budeprion SR (Bupropion), Budeprion SR 100 Mg (Bupropion), Budeprion SR 150 Mg (Bupropion), Buprofen (Bupropion), Bupropion (Bupropion), Bupropion 10 Mg (Bupropion), Bupropion 100 (Bupropion), Bupropion 100 Mg (Bupropion), Bupropion 150 (Bupropion), Bupropion 150 Mg (Bupropion), Bupropion 75 Mg (Bupropion), Bupropion HCL (Bupropion), Bupropion SA 100 Mg (Bupropion), Bupropion SR (Bupropion), Bupropion SR 100G (Bupropion), Bupropion SR 15 (Bupropion), Bupropion SR 150 Mg (Bupropion), Bupropion Ssr 150 Mg (Bupropion), Bupropion XR 150 Mg (Bupropion), Chlordiazepoxide (Chlordiaxepoxide), Chlordiazepoxide and Amitriptyline (Amitriptyline), Chlordiazepoxide/Amitriptyline HCL (Amitriptyline), Clomipramine (Clomipramine), Clomipramine 50 Mg (Clomipramine), Clomipramine HCL (Clomipramine), Deprax (Trazodone), Desyrel (Trazodone), Doxepin (Doxepin), Doxepin 100 Mg and 150 Mg (Doxepin), Doxepin 50 Mg (Doxepin), Doxepin HCL (Doxepin), Edronax (Reboxetine), Elavil (Amitriptyline), Emsam (Selegiline), Imipramine (Imipramine Pamoate), Imipramine HCL (Imipramine Pamoate), Imipramine HCL 50 Mg (Imipramine Pamoate), Impramine HCL (Imipramine Pamoate), Librium (Chlordiaxepoxide), Ludiomil (Maprotiline), Maprotiline (Maprotiline), Maprotiline HCL (Maprotiline), Mirtazapine (Mirtazapine), Mirtazapine 15 Mg (Mirtazapine), Mirtazapine 45 Mg (Mirtazapine), Mirtazapine 45 Mg Pill Form (Mirtazapine), Nardil (Phenelzine), Nortriptyline (Nortriptyline), Nortriptyline 10 Mg (Nortriptyline), Nortriptyline 25 Mg (Nortriptyline), Nortriptyline HCL (Nortriptyline), Pamelor (Nortriptyline), Parnate (Tranylcypromine Sulfate), Perphenazine (Amitriptyline), Phenelzine 15 Mg (Phenelzine), Phenelzine Sulfate (Phenelzine), Prothiaden (Dothiepin), Reboxetine (Reboxetine), Remeron (Mirtazapine), Remeron Soltab (Mirtazapine), Sinequan (Doxepin), Tofranil (Imipramine Pamoate), Tofranil-PM (Imipramine Pamoate), Tranylcypromine (Tranylcypromine Sulfate), Tranylcypromine Sulfate (Tranylcypromine Sulfate), Trazodone (Trazodone), Trazodone 100 Mg (Trazodone), Trazodone 50 Mg (Trazodone), Trazodone HCL (Trazodone), Trazolan (Trazodone), Vivactil (Protriptyline), Wellbutrin (Bupropion), Wellbutrin 150 Mg (Bupropion), Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion), Wellbutrin XL (Bupropion), Zispin (Mirtazapine), Zyban (Bupropion)

Other Antipsychotics

Amidate (Amidate), Chlorpromazine (Chlorpromazine), Chlorpromazine HCL (Chlorpromazine), Compazine (Prochlorperazine), Fluphenazine (Fluphenazine), Generic Haldol (Haloperidol), Haldol (Haloperidol), Haldol Decanoas (Haloperidol), Haldol Decanoate (Haloperidol), Haldol Faible (Haloperidol), Haldol Solutab (Haloperidol), Haloperidol (Haloperidol), Haloperidol Decanoate (Haloperidol), Haloperidol Lactate (Haloperidol), Loxapac (Loxapine), Loxitane (Loxapine), Mellaril (Thioridazine), Navane (Thiothixene), Nembutal (Pentobarbital), Orap (Pimozide), Phenergan (Promethazine), Phenergan 50 Mg/Ml (Promethazine), Phenergan HCL (Promethazine), Phenergan Suppository (Promethazine), Phenergan VC w/ Codeine (Promethazine), Phenergan w/ Codeine (Promethazine), Stelazine (Trifluoperazine), Thioridazine (Thioridazine), Thioridazine HCL (Thioridazine), Thiothixene (Thiothixene), Thiothixene HCL (Thiothixene), Thorazine (Chlorpromazine), Topamax, Trifluoperazine HCL (Trifluoperazine), Trilafon (Perphenazine)


Adderall (Amphetamine), Adderall 10 (Amphetamine), Adderall 12.5 (Amphetamine), Adderall 15 (Amphetamine), Adderall 20 (Amphetamine), Adderall 30 (Amphetamine), Adderall 5 (Amphetamine), Adderall XR (Amphetamine), Adderall XR 10 (Amphetamine), Adderall XR 15 (Amphetamine), Adderall XR 20 (Amphetamine), Adderall XR 25 (Amphetamine), Adderall XR 30 (Amphetamine), Adderall XR 40 (Amphetamine), Adderall XR 5 (Amphetamine), Adderall XR 60 (Amphetamine), Amphetamine – Dextroamphetamine (Amphetamine), Amphetamine (Amphetamine), Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine Salts (Amphetamine), Amphetamine Mix 15 Mg (Amphetamine), Amphetamine Salt Combo (Amphetamine), Amphetamine Salts (Amphetamine), Amphetamine Salts 10 Mg (Amphetamine), Amphetamine Salts 20 Mg (Amphetamine), Amphetamine Salts 30 Mg (Amphetamine), Amphetamine Sulfate (Amphetamine), Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine Salts (Amphetamine), Amphetamine-Dextroamphetamine (Amphetamine), Concerta (Methylphenidate), Cylert (Pemoline), D Amphetamine 15 Mg (Amphetamine), D-Amphetamine 10 Mg (Amphetamine), Daytrana (Methylphenidate), Desoxyn (Amphetamine), Dexedrine, Dexmethylphenidate (Methylphenidate), Dextroamphetamine (Amphetamine), Dextroamphetamine 10 Mg (Amphetamine), Dextroamphetamine 15 Mg (Amphetamine), Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine Salts 5 Mg (Amphetamine), Dextroamphetamine Mixed (Amphetamine), Dextroamphetamine Sulfate (Amphetamine), DextroStat (Amphetamine), Equasym (Methylphenidate), Equasym 10 Mg (Methylphenidate), Equasym 5 Mg (Methylphenidate), Focalin (Methylphenidate), Focalin XR (Methylphenidate), Generic Mixed Amphetamine Salts (Amphetamine), Metadate 10 Mg (Methylphenidate), Metadate CD (Methylphenidate), Metadate ER (Methylphenidate), Methamphetamine (Amphetamine), Methamphetamine HCL (Amphetamine), Methylin (Methylphenidate), Methylin ER (Methylphenidate), Methylphenidate (Methylphenidate), Methylphenidate 10 Mg (Methylphenidate), Methylphenidate 20 Mg (Methylphenidate), Methylphenidate 5 Mg (Methylphenidate), Methylphenidate HCL (Methylphenidate), Methylphenidate HCL 10 Mg (Methylphenidate), Methylphenidate Patch (Methylphenidate), Mixed Amphetamine Salts (Amphetamine), Mixed Amphetamine Salts 5 Mg (Amphetamine), Provigil, Ritalin (Methylphenidate), Ritalin LA (Methylphenidate), Ritalina (Methylphenidate), Ritalin-SR (Methylphenidate)

Other Psychiatric Drugs

Alprazolam (Alprazolam), Ambien (Zolpidem), Atarax, Atensina (Clonidine), Ativan (Lorazepam), Ativan Sl (Lorazepam), Atomoxetine (Atomoxetine), Atomoxetine 25 Mg (Atomoxetine), Atomoxetine 40 Mg (Atomoxetine), Atomoxetine 60 Mg (Atomoxetine), Atomoxetine HCL (Atomoxetine), Bespar (Buspirone), Buspar (Buspirone), Buspirone (Buspirone), Buspirone 10 Mg (Buspirone), Buspirone 15 Mg (Buspirone), Buspirone HCL (Buspirone), Buspirone SR (Buspirone), Carbamazepine, Carbatrol, Catapres (Clonidine), Catapresan (Clonidine), Catapresan 150 (Clonidine), Catapresan 25 Mcg (Clonidine), Catapresan 300 (Clonidine), Catapres-TSS (Clonidine), Catapres-TTS-1 (Clonidine), Catapres-TTS-2 (Clonidine), Catapres-TTS-3 (Clonidine), Cilostazol, Ticlopidine HCL, Lithium Carbonate (Lithium Carbonate), Clonazepam (Clonazepam), Clonazepam .5Mg (Clonazepam), Clonazepam 1 Mg (Clonazepam), Clonidine (Clonidine), Clonidine HCL (Clonidine), Clorazepam (Lorazepam), Dalmadorm (Flurazepam), Dalmane (Flurazepam), Depacon (Valproic Acid), Depakene (Valproic Acid), Depakene Oral Solution (Valproic Acid), Depakene Suspension (Valproic Acid), Depakin (Valproic Acid), Depakine (Valproic Acid), Depakine 250 Mg (Valproic Acid), Depakine Chrono (Valproic Acid), Depakine Chronosphere (Valproic Acid), Depakine Granuel (Valproic Acid), Depakine Injection (Valproic Acid), Depakine Solution (Valproic Acid), Depakine Syrup (Valproic Acid), Depakote (Valproic Acid), Depakote ER (Valproic Acid), Diazepam, Diazepam Intensol, Divalproex (Valproic Acid), Divalproex 250 Mg (Valproic Acid), Divalproex 500 Mg (Valproic Acid), Divalproex 500 Mg ER (Valproic Acid), Divalproex EC (Valproic Acid), Divalproex ER (Valproic Acid), Divalproex Sodium (Valproic Acid), Divalproic Acid 250 Mg (Valproic Acid), Duloxetine HCL, Epilim (Valproic Acid), Epilim 200 Mg (Valproic Acid), Epilim Chrono (Valproic Acid), Epilim Injection (Valproic Acid), Epilim Liquid (Valproic Acid), Epilim Syrup (Valproic Acid), Epival, Epival (Valproic Acid), Epival Syrup, Epival Syrup (Valproic Acid), Equanil (Meprobamate), Ergenyl (Valproic Acid), Ergenyl Chrono (Valproic Acid), Ergenyl Retard (Valproic Acid), Ergenyl Sachet (Valproic Acid), Ergenyl Solution (Valproic Acid), Eskalith (Lithium Carbonate), Eskalith CR (Lithium Carbonate), Flurazepam (Flurazepam), Flurazepam HCL (Flurazepam), Frontal (Alprazolam), Frontal XR (Alprazolam), Gabapentin (Gabapentin), Generic Clonidine (Clonidine), Generic Clorazepam (Lorazepam), Generic Depakene (Valproic Acid), Guanfacine (Guanfacine), Halcion (Triazolam), Klonopin (Clonazepam), Klonopin 2.5 Mgs (Clonazepam), Klonopin Lyophilized Wafers (Clonazepam), Lamictal (Lamotrigine), Lamotrigine (Lamotrigine), Librax, Lithane (Lithium Carbonate), Lithium (Lithium Carbonate), Lithium Carbonate (Lithium Carbonate), Lithium Carbonate 300 Mg (Lithium Carbonate), Lithobid (Lithium Carbonate), Lorazepam (Lorazepam), Lorazepam Intensol (Lorazepam), Micropakine Granule (Valproic Acid), Moban (Molindone HCL), Moditen (Molindone HCL), Myslee (Zolpidem), Neoperidol, Neurontin (Gabapentin), Prolixin (Fluphenazine HCL), Prolixin Decanoate (Fluphenazine HCL), Restoril (Temazepam), Rivotril (Clonazepam), Saromet, Semisodium Valproate (Valproic Acid), Serax (Oxazepam), Serentil (Mesoridazine), Solanax (Alprazolam), Solfidin (Clonazepam), Stilnoct (Zolpidem), Stilnox (Zolpidem), Strattera (Atomoxetine), Symbyax 12/25 Mg (Olanzapine & Fluoretine), Tavor (Lorazepam), Tegretol (Carbamazepine), Tegretol-XR (Carbamazepine), Temesta (Lorazepam), Tenex (Guanfacine), Trancopal, Trankimazin (Alprazolam), Tranxene, Valcote (Valproic Acid), Valium (Valium), Valproate Sodium (Valproic Acid), Valproic Acid (Valproic Acid), Versed (Midazolam), Vistaril, Xanax (Alprazolam), Xanax XR (Alprazolam), Xanor (Alprazolam), Xanor Depot (Alprazolam), Zolpidem Tartrate (Zolpidem)

These are the Adverse Reactions culled from the Individual Safety Reports where the above Psychiatric Drugs were identified as the Primary Suspect Drug

Abasia, Abdominal Discomfort, Abdominal Distension, Abdominal Pain, Abdominal Pain Upper, Abnormal Behaviour, Abnormal Dreams, Abortion Induced, Abortion Spontaneous, Activities of Daily Living Impaired, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Affective Disorder, Aggression, Agitation, Agitation Neonatal, Agoraphobia, Akathisia, Akinesia, Alopecia, Amnesia, Anaemia, Anaemia Neonatal, Anaesthetic Complication Neonatal, Anger, Ankyloglossia Congenital, Anomaly of External Ear Congenital, Anorexia, Anxiety, Apathy, Aphasia, Apraxia, Arrhythmia, Arrhythmia Neonatal, Arthralgia, Asthenia, Ataxia, Atelectasis, Atelectasis Neonatal, Autism, Back Pain, Balance Disorder, Benign Congenital Hypotonia, Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar I Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, Blepharophimosis Congenital, Blindness Congenital, Blood Glucose Increased, Blood Pressure Increased, Bradycardia, Bradycardia Foetal, Bradycardia Neonatal, Bradykinesia, Brain Death, Bruxism, Camptodactyly Congenital, Cardiac Arrest, Cardiac Arrest Neonatal, Cardiac Disorder, Cardiac Failure, Cardiac Failure Congestive, Cardiomegaly, Cardiomyopathy, Cardiomyopathy Neonatal, Cardio-Respiratory Arrest, Cardio-Respiratory Arrest Neonatal, Cataract Congenital, Catatonia, Cerebral Atrophy Congenital, Cerebral Haemorrhage, Cerebral Haemorrhage Foetal, Cerebral Haemorrhage Neonatal, Cerebrovascular Accident, Chest Pain, Chills, Chorea, Circulatory Collapse, Circulatory Failure Neonatal, Cognitive Disorder, Cogwheel Rigidity, Coma, Coma Neonatal, Completed Suicide, Complications of Maternal Exposure To Therapeutic Drugs, Condition Aggravated, Confusional State, Congenital, Congenital Absence of Bile Ducts, Congenital Absence of Cranial Vault, Congenital Acrochordon, Congenital Anaemia, Congenital Anomalies of Ear Ossicles, Congenital Anomaly, Congenital Anomaly of Inner Ear, Congenital Aortic Atresia, Congenital Aortic Stenosis, Congenital Aortic Valve Incompetence, Congenital Aplastic Anaemia, Congenital Arterial Malformation, Congenital Atrial Septal Defect, Congenital Bladder Anomaly, Congenital Bowing of Long Bones, Congenital Brain Damage, Congenital Cardiac Septal Defect, Congenital Cardiovascular Anomaly, Congenital Central Nervous System Anomaly, Congenital Cerebellar Agenesis, Congenital Cerebral Cyst, Congenital Cerebrovascular Anomaly, Congenital Choroid Plexus Cyst, Congenital Claw Toe, Congenital Cleft Hand, Congenital Coagulopathy, Congenital Corneal Anomaly, Congenital Coronary Artery Malformation, Congenital Cyst, Congenital Cystic Kidney Disease, Congenital Cystic Lung, Congenital Diaphragmatic Anomaly, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Congenital Ectopic Bladder, Congenital Elevation of Scapula, Congenital Eye Disorder, Congenital Eyelid Malformation, Congenital Facial Nerve Hypoplasia, Congenital Floppy Infant, Congenital Foot Malformation, Congenital Gastric Anomaly, Congenital Genital Malformation, Congenital Genital Malformation Male, Congenital Genitourinary Abnormality, Congenital Great Vessel Anomaly, Congenital Hair Disorder, Congenital Hand Malformation, Congenital Hearing Disorder, Congenital Heart Valve Disorder, Congenital Hepatobiliary Anomaly, Congenital Hip Deformity, Congenital Hydrocephalus, Congenital Hydronephrosis, Congenital Hyperextension of Spine, Congenital Hypertrichosis, Congenital Hypoparathyroidism, Congenital Hypothyroidism, Congenital Infection, Congenital Intestinal Malformation, Congenital Jaw Malformation, Congenital Joint Malformation, Congenital Labia Pudendi Adhesions, Congenital Limb Hyperextension, Congenital Lip Fistula, Congenital Macrocephaly, Congenital Megacolon, Congenital Megaureter, Congenital Mitral Valve Incompetence, Congenital Multiplex Arthrogryposis, Congenital Musculoskeletal Anomaly, Congenital Myopathy, Congenital Nail Disorder, Congenital Neurological Disorder, Congenital Nose Malformation, Congenital Nystagmus, Congenital Oesophageal Anomaly, Congenital Oral Malformation, Congenital Osteodystrophy, Congenital Pulmonary Artery Anomaly, Congenital Pulmonary Hypertension, Congenital Pulmonary Valve Atresia, Congenital Pulmonary Valve Disorder, Congenital Pyelocaliectasis, Congenital Pyloric Stenosis, Congenital Renal Cyst, Congenital Scoliosis, Congenital Spinal Cord Anomaly, Congenital Spinal Fusion, Congenital Teratoma, Congenital Thrombocyte Disorder, Congenital Thymus Absence, Congenital Tongue Anomaly, Congenital Torticollis, Congenital Tracheomalacia, Congenital Tricuspid Valve Atresia, Congenital Ureteric Anomaly, Congenital Urethral Anomaly, Congenital Varicella Infection, Congenital Ventricular Septal Defect, Congenital Vesicoureteric Reflux, Congenital Visual Acuity Reduced, Congenital Vitreous Anomaly, Constipation, Convulsion, Convulsion Neonatal, Coordination Abnormal, Crying, Cyanosis Neonatal, Cyclothymic Disorder, Dacryostenosis Congenital, Deafness Congenital, Death, Death Neonatal, Decreased Appetite, Delirium, Delusion, Delusional Disorder (Unspecified Type), Dementia, Depressed Level of Consciousness, Depressed Mood, Depression, Depression Suicidal, Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Mellitus Inadequate Control, Diabetes Mellitus Insulin-Dependent, Diabetes Mellitus Non-Insulin-Dependent, Diarrhoea, Diarrhoea Neonatal, Difficulty In Walking, Diplopia, Disorientation, Disturbance In Attention, Dizziness, Drug Dependence, Drug Exposure Before Pregnancy, Drug Exposure During Pregnancy, Drug Exposure Via Breast Milk, Drug Ineffective, Drug Toxicity, Drug Withdrawal Syndrome, Drug Withdrawal Syndrome Neonatal, Dry Mouth, Dysarthria, Dysgeusia, Dyskinesia, Dyskinesia Neonatal, Dyspepsia, Dysphagia, Dyspnoea, Dysstasia, Dysthymic Disorder, Dystonia, Dysuria, Eating Disorder, Emotional Disorder, Emotional Distress, Encephalopathy, Encephalopathy Neonatal, Epilepsy, Epilepsy Congenital, Erythema, Extrapyramidal Disorder, Fatigue, Fear, Feeding Disorder Neonatal, Feeling Abnormal, Feeling Jittery, Fever Neonatal, Foetal Anticonvulsant Syndrome, Foetal Arrhythmia, Foetal Cardiac Disorder, Foetal Disorder, Foetal Distress Syndrome, Foetal Growth Retardation, Foetal Heart Rate Abnormal, Foetal Heart Rate Deceleration, Foetal Heart Rate Decreased, Foetal Heart Rate Disorder, Foetal Heart Rate Increased, Foetal Malformation, Foetal Movements Decreased, Foetal Valproate Syndrome, Formication, Gait Disturbance, Gastrointestinal Disorder Congenital, General Physical Health Deterioration, Genu Varum Congenital, Grand Mal Convulsion, Haemangioma Congenital, Haemorrhage, Hallucination, Hallucination (Auditory), Hallucination (Olfactory), Hallucination (Tactile), Hallucination (Visual), Hallucinations (Mixed), Headache, Heart Disease Congenital, Heart Rate Increased, Hepatic Failure, Hepatitis, Hepatitis Neonatal, Hepatosplenomegaly Neonatal, Hernia Congenital, Homicidal Ideation, Homicide, Hostility, Hyperbilirubinaemia Neonatal, Hyperglycaemia, Hyperhidrosis, Hypersensitivity, Hypersomnia, Hypertension, Hypertension Neonatal, Hypertonia, Hypertonia Neonatal, Hypoaesthesia, Hypoglycaemia, Hypoglycaemia Neonatal, Hypokinesia Neonatal, Hypomania, Hyponatraemia, Hypotension, Hypothermia Neonatal, Hypotonia, Hypotonia Neonatal, Hypoventilation Neonatal, Impulsive Behaviour, Incoherent, Incontinence, Insomnia, Intentional Self-Injury, Intraventricular Haemorrhage Neonatal, Irritability, Jaundice Neonatal, Lens Abnormality, Lethargy, Leukopenia Neonatal, Limb Hypoplasia Congenital, Long QT Syndrome Congenital, Loss of Consciousness, Major Depression, Malaise, Mania, Maternal Condition Affecting Foetus, Maternal Distress During Labour, Maternal Drugs Affecting Foetus, Maternal Use of Illicit Drugs, Memory Impairment, Meningitis Neonatal, Mental Disorder, Mental Impairment, Metabolic Disorder, Migraine, Mood Altered, Mood Swings, Movement Disorder, Multiple Congenital Abnormalities, Multiple Sclerosis, Murder, Muscle Rigidity, Muscle Spasms, Muscle Twitching, Muscular Weakness, Musculoskeletal Stiffness, Myalgia, Myocardial Infarction, Myocardial Ischaemia, Myoclonic Epilepsy, Myoclonus, Nausea, Neck Pain, Necrotising Enterocolitis Neonatal, Neonatal Anoxia, Neonatal Apnoeic Attack, Neonatal Asphyxia, Neonatal Aspiration, Neonatal Candida Infection, Neonatal Cardiac Failure, Neonatal Cholestasis, Neonatal Complications of Substance Abuse, Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus, Neonatal Disorder, Neonatal Hepatomegaly, Neonatal Hyponatraemia, Neonatal Hypotension, Neonatal Hypoxia, Neonatal Infection, Neonatal Intestinal Obstruction, Neonatal Neuroblastoma, Neonatal Oversedation, Neonatal Pneumonia, Neonatal Respiratory Acidosis, Neonatal Respiratory Arrest, Neonatal Respiratory Depression, Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Neonatal Respiratory Failure, Neonatal Tachycardia, Neonatal Tachypnoea, Nervous System Disorder, Nervousness, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Neutropenia, Neutropenia Neonatal, Night Sweats, Nightmare, Obesity, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Oculogyration, Oedema Neonatal, Pain, Pain In Extremity, Palpitations, Pancreatitis, Panic Attack, Paraesthesia, Paranoia, Parkinsonian Gait, Parkinsonian Rest Tremor, Parkinsonism, Parkinson’s Disease, Peripheral Oedema Neonatal, Personality Change, Petit Mal Epilepsy, Pilonidal Cyst Congenital, Pneumonia, Poisoning, Poor Weight Gain Neonatal, Pruritus, Psychomotor Hyperactivity, Psychotic Disorder, Pulmonary Artery Stenosis Congenital, Pulmonary Oedema Neonatal, Pulmonary Valve Stenosis Congenital, Pyrexia, Rash, Rash Neonatal, Renal Failure, Renal Failure Acute, Renal Failure Neonatal, Respiratory Arrest, Respiratory Disorder Neonatal, Respiratory Failure, Respiratory Tract Haemorrhage Neonatal, Restless Legs Syndrome, Restlessness, Retching, Retinal Anomaly Congenital, Schizophrenia, Screaming, Sedation, Self Esteem Decreased, Self Injurious Behaviour, Self Mutilation, Self-Injurious Ideation, Sensory Disturbance, Sepsis Neonatal, Serotonin Syndrome, Shock, Sleep Disorder, Social Avoidant Behaviour, Somnolence, Somnolence Neonatal, Speech Disorder, Stereotypic Movement Disorder, Stereotypy, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Stillbirth, Stomach Discomfort, Strabismus Congenital, Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Neonatal, Subdural Haemorrhage Neonatal, Sudden Death, Suicidal Ideation, Suicide Attempt, Syncope, Tachycardia, Tachycardia Foetal, Tardive Dyskinesia, Thinking Abnormal, Thrombocytopenia Neonatal, Tic, Tinnitus, Torticollis, Tourette’s Disorder, Tremor, Tremor Neonatal, Trichotillomania, Urinary Tract Infection Neonatal, Urticaria, Vertigo, Vision Abnormal Neonatal, Vision Blurred, Visual Acuity Reduced, Visual Disturbance, Vomiting, Vomiting Neonatal, Weight Decrease Neonatal, Weight Decreased, Weight Increased

Hilliary Clinton start Looking in Your own backyard

In Other words, clean up your own Backyard on Human rights.

Gaddafi is probably on Drugs supplied by American drug companies . This could explain the Rantings Raving of this melogomanic at the time .

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE ON OR IN PSYCHIATRIC CARE  I BET YOU DO. Are you a Nut case, depressed, Round the bend, GO MENTAL
Go see your Killer Doctor a Psychiatrist. More Like A Trick Cyclist

Fact Sheets and Reports

Click here to download fact sheets and reports on issues ranging from alternatives to mental health treatment and international

warnings on psychiatric drugs to psychiatric fraud and abuse.


Texas Medication Algorithm Project: Allen Jones Blows the Whistle on Doctors

Allen Jones, a former investigator with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General (OIG), Bureau of Special

Investigations blows the whistle on the pharmaceutical-psychiatric collusion to push psychotropic drugs and drive up insurance


CBS 48 Hours—A Mouthpiece for the Psychiatric/Pharma Cabal

It is no wonder that CBS’s 48 Hours show claimed that “schizophrenia” was a physically based mental “disease” requiring debilitating

antipsychotic drugs—CBS receives nearly $600 million a year in drug company advertising revenues, and the antipsychotic drugs

manufactured by CBS’s sponsors are extremely profitable.


Psychiatrists Cannot Predict, Treat or Cure Violent Behavior

By their own admission, psychiatrists cannot predict dangerousness. They often release violent patients from facilities, claiming

they are not a threat to others or grant them privileges that lessen security procedures. According to the American Psychiatric

Association’s own Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the manual is “not sufficient to establish the existence for

legal purposes of a ‘mental disorder,’ ‘mental disability,’ ‘mental disease,’ or ‘mental defect,’ in relation to competency, criminal

responsibility or disability. Read more in this report.

Blaming the Brain: The “Chemical Imbalance” Fraud

The cornerstone of psychiatry’s current disease model is the theory that a brain-based, chemical imbalance causes mental illness.

However, Dr. Mark Graff, Chair of Public Affairs of the American Psychiatric Association said that this theory was “probably drug

industry derived.” His cohort, Dr. Steven Sharfstein, Former APA president, was forced under media pressure to admit that there is

“no clean-cut lab test” to determine a chemical imbalance in the brain. This is a brief synopsis of the theory behind the “chemical

imbalance” fraud with expert comments debunking it.

Doctors’ Open Letter to Governments

How concerned should we be about reports that mental illness has become an epidemic striking one out of every four people in the

world today? According to the source of these alarming reports—the psychiatric industry—mental illness threatens to engulf us all

and can only be checked by immediate and massive increases in funding. This letter from doctors is the foreword to a CCHR booklet

on the “mental illness” crisis generated by psychiatrists.

Global Burden of Disease

Flanking the rapid development of psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Lewis Judd, director of the

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) from 1987 to 1990, created the psychiatric marketing strategy. It was dubbed the

“Decade of the Brain” and was signed into United States law by Presidential Proclamation. Since then, terms such as “treatable

the brain disorder,” “no-fault brain disease” and “chemical imbalance in the brain” have been marketed. This report shows how the

global burden of disease, when it relates to “mental disorders,” is a hoax.

Does Insanity Cause Crime? by Thomas S. Szasz, M.D.

This article by the renowned Dr. Thomas Szasz is reprinted by permission of Sheldon Richman, Editor, Ideas on Liberty. which is

published by The Foundation for Economic Education, Irvington-on-Hudson, NY 10533.


Adolescent Suicide Rate, Not Due to Black Box Warnings

Prompted by psychiatrists with their own vested interests in pharmaceutical sales, the media spun the blame for the rise in the

suicide rate for children on the “black box” warning labels placed on antidepressants. This was utterly false and this report details


Anatomy of an Epidemic: Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America, by Robert Whitaker

This article explores how, over the past fifty years, there has been an astonishing increase in severe mental illness in the United

States. A review of the scientific literature reveals that it is our drug-based paradigm of care that is fueling this epidemic. The

drugs increase the likelihood that a person will become chronically ill, and they induce new and more severe psychiatric symptoms

in a significant percentage of patients.


Psychiatric Abuses in New York State

The report covers: deaths, abuse, crime (including massive fraud in New York State), patient abuses (including an involuntary

commitment case that goes to the issue of psychiatrists’ inability to determine dangerousness), psychiatric escapees causing harm

and psychiatric experiments in New York.

Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights

CCHR’s Mental Health Declaration articulates the guiding principles of CCHR and the standards against which human rights violations

by psychiatry are relentlessly investigated and exposed. It has been used to expose institutional abuse and outlines how it should

be reformed.


Driving Up Insurance Costs

According to psychiatrist Sander Breiner, in the Psychiatric Times, nearly 40 percent of psychiatrists in the United States are sued

for malpractice during the course of their career. This can impact on the cost of general medicine. As a report entitled “Medical

Malpractice Insurance” published by the Insurance Information Institute states: “Many insurers have scaled back their exposure to

the medical malpractice market and, in some cases, exited the market completely.”


Mental Health Screening in Schools Leads to Dangerous Child Drugging

In 2003, a report to the federal government on “mental health care” recommended that all 52 million American schoolchildren

undergo screening for “mental illness.” The report claimed—without a shred of scientific evidence—that “early detection,

assessment, and links with treatment” could “prevent mental health problems from worsening….” Today, those recommendations

are going into force, state by state. Get the facts and fight back.

Rutherford Sues Indiana School for Mental Health Screening without Consent, Released by Nisha Mohammed of the Rutherford


South Bend, Indiana—Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Northern District of

Indiana on behalf of an Indiana family whose 15-year-old daughter, Chelsea Rhoades, was subjected to screening. If you want to

protect your child against psychiatric screening in school, this article is well worth reading.


Mental Health Fraud: Big Business

In 1991 in Dallas, Texas, two uniformed security guards pulled up in a patrol car beside 14-year-old Jeramy Harrel and took him,

against his will and his mother’s protests, to a private psychiatric hospital owned by Psychiatric Institutes of America (PIA), a

subsidiary of National Medical Enterprises (NME). A psychiatrist, Dr. Mark Bowlan, and a child welfare agent—who had never spoken

with Jeramy or his parents—had filed an application to the court for the boy’s detention, claiming he was a “substance abuser” and

that his grandparents had physically abused him. Read this story and learn more about the illegal practice of “trolling for patients.”

Cunning Psychiatric Fraud

The US-based insurance company, Blue Cross & Blue Shield United, reported that as many types of health insurance fraud exist as

the “criminal mind can invent.” This fact sheet offers but a small sample of convictions.


The “Science” Without a Soul

One of the essential problems with psychology is its reliance upon psychiatric or biological behavioral models—a far cry from its

foundations. Psychology once followed the early philosophy and initially meant the study of the soul—psyche (soul) and ology (study

of). The general thought was that the mind and body were separate entities. Thus, each man and woman was regarded as a

composite of soul, mind, and matter. Here we provide a brief paper about the derivations of psychology.


List of Recent School and Teen Shooters

Recent teen/school shooters under the influence of psychiatric drugs resulting in 54 killed and 105 wounded.


Committee on Quackery Hides Psychotropic Drug Proliferation

The 1963-1974 American Medical Association Committee on Quackery set out to discredit chiropractors, with the AMA urging its

members to lend “their full support to the continuing vigorous attack on medical quackery and to the education program on the cult

of chiropractic.” The AMA recommended that Congress exclude payment for chiropractic services from insurance coverage. This

the report shows how psychiatrists, in collusion with the AMA, sought to discredit non-drug alternative treatment methods, denying

patients the right to be fully informed of all options available to them.

Solutions for Better Mental Health

People do have problems in life, sometimes very serious. Mental difficulties do exist, people’s hopes and dreams can be shattered

and their methods of coping with this can fail. However, with such a prevalence of mind-altering, physically damaging, psychiatric

drugs, psychiatrists are not healing, but are creating addicts and lifelong patients. While CCHR does not give medical advice, this

the report offers information regarding alternative options recommended by doctors.

All documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader,
 Go Here to Get all the Pdf Files : http://www.cchr.org/download-material/fact-sheets.html
Drug companies VRS Human Rights

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