Ethan Huff & Natural News reports

Ethan Huff USA reports 

Nearly half of all healthcare workers are saying no to Chinese virus jabs, it turns out. A mere 52 percent of those who work in medicine have had at least one Wuhan flu shot while the other 48 percent are not planning to participate. One in six healthcare workers are even planning to quit their jobs if their employers tell them they have to be injected in order to continue working.

About 36 percent of healthcare workers say they question the safety and effectiveness of chemicals that were fast-tracked into production, followed by emergency authorization. None of the jabs have received official approval because all of them are still in clinical trials.

Nearly half of all healthcare workers are rejecting Covid-19 vaccines for sensible reasons  

Why risk dying from a mRNA vaccine ( BIO WEAPON )  when the virus it supposedly “fights” is barely even a threat?

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