TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2010  First Published

I Just Love Those Soft Drinks


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Aspartame is a Neurotoxin. It
causes brain damage.

  • Aspartame Contains Formaldehyde its in Soft drinks Chewing Gum

2. Aspartame degrades into
methanol and formaldehyde. Both
are deadly poisons.

3. Aspartame actually increases the
craving for carbohydrates. Far from
helping people lose weight, it helps
people gain weight, and may be
partly responsible for the epidemic
of obesity we are seeing now in
western countries.

4. Aspartame is highly addictive. It
is very hard to get off it. It is like a

Yet Mr Andrew McKenzie Chief executive of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority states that the

” New Zealand consumer should have no concerns as we recognize that this is safe According to The FDA, European food safety Authority, UK Food Standards Agency”

Wake up McKenzie, the FDA and the other organizations you mentioned is No Benchmark for safety whatsoever.  Fact If it’s recommended by The  FDA ( Food and Drug Administration . USA ) DO NOT USE IT 

What cave have you been living in,

In my opinion, your comments mentioned on TV3 New Zealand on The 11th January 2010 are ill-informed and to rely on the FDA (this Fascist organization) for making irresponsible comments that Aspartame is safe then further saying ” The NZ Consumer should have no concerns” is unconscionable