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9th Feb 2021

Dr. Merritt knows plenty about bioweapons,(Natural News)
While some doctors are encouraging people to get in line for their COVID-19 vaccine, others are bravely speaking out about why rushing to get an untested shot might not be such a good idea.

Dr. Lee Merritt, a former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, has admitted that she believes the current coronavirus vaccines are actually very dangerous bioweapons that are being deployed against the population.

Dr. Merritt knows plenty about bioweapons, having studied them while she served as an orthopedic surgeon for the United States Navy for nearly a decade. She has also published several peer-reviewed papers and was on the board of the Arizona Medical Association.

In an interview with The New America, Dr. Merritt said that she believes we’re living in a time of “fifth-generational warfare” where covert biological agents, propaganda and economic warfare are being used instead of weapons on the battlefield to turn the tide of power between nations.
This is why all Doctors are Dangerous = Different opinions

Different opinions = Russian Roulette  with your Health

You Tube,  Facebook, Google,  ISPs  are censoring Information…………… 

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