I told me so

TO NewsmaxTv
 ….  Wake up Peter Hibberd a  Dangerous Doctor….. immunization  and Vaccines are are two different things...
Same old, same old, “Dangerous Doctors,spouting ” We dont know how to stop this”, we Just dont know .I told me so,
“Show me the money and the Morgue”
3,000 years ago  Silver Coins were used as protection against Viruses, Pathogens Bacteria. Hence the saying “Born with a silver Spoon in the mouth “
Known to kill the “Today bug MRSA” in 3 minutes….
 I do not expect this  Message to get any traction….. I told me so,
Colloidal Silver, Nano Silver is the answer. I told me so,

History wil advise you of this when The 
World wakes up . I told me so,
I am fed up with News items showing vaccinated arms, by  Doctors Nurses , by Big Pharma, which do not work…..
but then what do I know… I told me so,
You can’t be Bold, Silent and Blind  at the same time,
I told me so,
I told me so,
Capitol Hill is Rhetoric and will not save the World, USA,  nor will Science,  Modern Medicine Vaccines.
I told me so,
This will be be my last memo to Newsmaxtv to fall on deaf ears and  to the Blind  leading the Blind, 
Regards Gordon
and still kicking without the “Help Of Dangerous Doctors ” at 77.  I told me so, age change just to prove i lived through the minefield of the New Zealand Government and Dangerous doctors