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Dozens of dogs confirmed sick in the investigation into Monsanto  (GMO Soy producer ) popular dog food Advance Dermocare,

NINE Australian Police dogs Have died

 Beware of foods made By  Mars  and Cadburys, both owned by Monsanto. aka Monsatan

 By avoiding products made by companies on this list, you can help ensure your money isn’t going to Monsanto and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself.
Monsanto Aliens by Jon Rappoport
Monsanto companies list to Buycott
Millions Against Monsanto  
Peaceful Rallies Around the World
Thousands around the world joined in peaceful rallies against Monsanto in May, 2013
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Bayer now amalgamated with Monsanto
Mars bar !! another Monsanto crap food just like Cadburys. Have you not heard Grow your own with Monsanto GMO crops, lets really open up the debate go to :
and if these sites don’t tickle your taste buds just a little, we will say no more. This planet is we’ll and truly finished. We are the architects of our own destiny. So wake up and smell the crap we are being sold
The Obama article is a doody

 So what can we do, other than sitting back like wimps and allowing the scoundrels to get away with murder? BOYCOTT! That’s what we can do, and there isn’t a more deserving company than Monsanto to start with. There are many internet sites that list the shocking, Earth-destroying things Monsanto has been doing and still is still doing around the world. Or, just think about the way they are destroying Argentina in the name of the bottom line: in order to keep the world awash in their poisonous, genetically-modified soy, they are stripping Argentina of 10,000 hectares of forest each year. The equivalent of 20 football fields per hour! This is staggering, and in five years Argentina ‘s native forests will be lost forever. Tribes that have lived for thousands of years in the forest are being destroyed as giant bulldozers, linked together with enormous chains, ram through the forests, tearing up the life-giving trees, and piling them up and burning them. The forest-dwellers simply stand and stare, utterly devastated and bewildered by the destruction of their lives.

Horrible, toxic clouds of pesticides are raining down on people who have no defense and nowhere to run. Farmers, who have lived for centuries practicing crop-rotation and organic agriculture, are being pushed out of their homes and will starve, thanks to Monsanto Chemical Company

Monsanto, in my opinion, the evilest multinational on Earth (I’m one of tens of millions who feel this way), is so rich and powerful that before their program was set to air, Acre and Wilson were told it had been pulled from the Murdoch-owned TV station, WTTV.

The good news is that Acre and Wilson have filed a lawsuit under the Whistleblowers Act, charging that WTVT bowed to pressure from Monsanto, killing their four-part series, which could have saved countless lives. This backfired on the egregious Monsanto because they received dreadful press due to this lawsuit. But do they care? I don’t think so: they amass billions every year in spite of being the most hated company on Earth.

The most telling comment in this sorry tale of greed and corruption is what Fox Vice President and WTVT General Manager, David Boylan, told reporters:

Is that our future — to be told by Monsanto and many other polluting, poisoning multinationals, and press czars such as Rupert Murdoch, what is good for our health and for the health of our planet?

Bayer Monsanto Mars FDA

Rat of the  week and the  century Bayer Drug Company

Did Bayer knowingly sold contaminated medicine.

This is the level of protection you can expect from the FDA, the Congress, and the White House.

Another story that came and went and never stuck..



TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2010  First Published

I Just Love Those Soft Drinks


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Aspartame is a Neurotoxin. It
causes brain damage.

  • Aspartame Contains Formaldehyde its in Soft drinks Chewing Gum

2. Aspartame degrades into
methanol and formaldehyde. Both
are deadly poisons.

3. Aspartame actually increases the
craving for carbohydrates. Far from
helping people lose weight, it helps
people gain weight, and may be
partly responsible for the epidemic
of obesity we are seeing now in
western countries.

4. Aspartame is highly addictive. It
is very hard to get off it. It is like a

Yet Mr Andrew McKenzie Chief executive of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority states that the

” New Zealand consumer should have no concerns as we recognize that this is safe According to The FDA, European food safety Authority, UK Food Standards Agency”

Wake up McKenzie, the FDA and the other organizations you mentioned is No Benchmark for safety whatsoever.  Fact If it’s recommended by The  FDA ( Food and Drug Administration . USA ) DO NOT USE IT 

What cave have you been living in,

In my opinion, your comments mentioned on TV3 New Zealand on The 11th January 2010 are ill-informed and to rely on the FDA (this Fascist organization) for making irresponsible comments that Aspartame is safe then further saying ” The NZ Consumer should have no concerns” is unconscionable